Nowhere Boy

Finally a trailer has been released for the film Nowhere Boy, a biopic of John Lennon’s early life directed by Sam Taylor Wood. I’ve heard Goldfrapp are responsible for the soundtrack but can’t confirm it. Anyone heard anything?

Being a huge Lennon fan I’m interested to see how this portrays his formative years. Released on December 25th 2009.


4 thoughts on “Nowhere Boy

  1. I find Beatles movies hard sometimes, as I always have a picture in my head about what things looked liked, sounded like, what the characters were like etc. That’s why I find reading Beatles books more worthwhile. However, there have been a few good Beatles movies (like, one) and this certainly looks interesting. Wonder how it will compare with Backbeat?

    Funny how most of the Beatles movies concentrate on their formative years rather than their later years. Would be great to see a movie about the break up / Sgt Pepper / India etc.

  2. I agree Rob. Would be great to see a move on their latter years. However maybe the reason one has never been made is because the band are so iconic that the public would never accept any actor playing them?

  3. They could do it in one of two ways – either get four very well known character actors, who would do such a good job that people would forget they are watching people pretending to be the Beatles and lose themselves in the moment that is created onscreen – or hire four sound-and-lookalikes to play facsimile copies of the real Beatles. Which would be a tall order!

    The one film that did a good job of portraying the later days was, funnily enough, a TV movie called “The Linda McCartney Story”. Not sure if you’ve seen it. The guy who did Paul was good (same guy who played Paul in Backbeat) and the clothes / period detail was spot on. The guys portraying the other Beatles weren’t great but then again it wasn’t about them and they were hardly in it. But if it can be gotten right with one Beatle, surely it can be with four? Maybe its just not a filmable story. And I’m sure people like us would still poke holes in it if it was made!

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