HST is God

Book Pile

The above pic shows the pile of books beside my bed this month.  There’s always a stack beside my bed, containing half read and yet to be read books.  I go through phases of reading current novels and then the greats.  Earlier this year I went on a Hemingway binge, re-reading some of my old faves.   The current pile contains two Hunter S. Thompson related books as a HST binge is currently in progress.

The HST biography at the top of the pile is excellently researched and written by William McKeen and details the highs and lows of Hunter’s illustrious career.  A must for any HST fan.

Whilst reading the biography I also Googled HST and found these audio interviews on the Paris Review site.

And lastly, this wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Ralph Steadman.  I think I’m going to self-gift at Christmas with this:

Gonzo by Ralph Steadman

As far as I can see, the role, the duty, the moral obligation, and indeed the only choice of the writer in today’s world is to starve to death as honorably and defiantly as possible.

– Hunter S. Thompson


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