I am a fan of Etsy and have often shopped on it, buying jewellery, leather masks (for Halloween!) and presents. However an online marketplace with so many sellers is bound to have some random and bizarre objects for sale. One girl’s treasure is another girl’s trash!

Of course there’s a website that exploits this. Isn’t there always? It’s called, rather brilliantly, Regretsy, and it showcases the weird and not so wonderful items that sellers have posted for sale. Like this mermaid inspired hair accessory or this rather graphic knitted childbirth doll. There’s also a  touching and strangely opportunistic Michael Jackson section.

Really it’s the author’s comments that make the whole site so hilarious. When commenting on the faux white tiger head decorated with Swarovski crystals below (how do people think up this stuff, and more importantly WHY?!) the author noted that this piece was akin to “the last thing Roy Horn saw at the Mirage”. Genius.

white tiger on etsy

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